We take you into the world of KAIF and show you where we came from, where we are and where we want to go. Maybe you will soon be a part of the KAIF family and share the KAIF lifestyle with us.

Our Company

The company Ancor GmbH was founded in 2011. The founder and shareholder Waldemar Schlemmer still runs the successful company, which he developed into a holding company and in 2014 changed its name to ANCOR Group GmbH with its headquarters in Igersheim, Germany.

As a manufacturer of KAIF Energy, KAIF Energy Light, KAIF Energy Mojito and KAIF Energy Mokka, Ancor Group GmbH produces and distributes the scene product worldwide. New markets and countries are opened up at regular intervals. With new investors, the energy drink has now made it as far as Dubai, where it conveys the KAIF lifestyle to its steadily growing clientele. It has the official Halal seal of approval especially for Arab customers. This confirms that KAIF has been produced in accordance with Muslim guidelines and specifications for food production.

KAIF should take a different path than its competitors: “If we are already translated as “well-being”, many young people enjoy the beautiful things in life and perhaps also want to buy a bit of the longing for them, then KAIF is exactly what we can offer. In addition to status symbols such as trendy cell phones, glasses, branded clothing or handbags, we now offer our high-end energy drink,” explains Waldemar Schlemmer.

Further investments and products are already being planned. You can be curious!

Halal zertifiziert

Halal certificate, which certifies the (halal) quality of food, cosmetics and other consumer goods that is impeccable, pure and thus permitted from an Islamic point of view. The certification takes place after a proper examination of the ingredients and the production sites.

The aim of Halal certification is, among other things, to show ways in which ritual impurities can be avoided in production, in which unavoidable impurities can be ritually cleaned and inadmissible additives can be substituted by permissible ones.

The KAIF success story


The idea of the energy drink is born. The search for the optimal flavor
and the perfect name.


The “KAIF” Energy Drink sees the world! Start of production, brand development and development of the first markets.


First major cooperations with national retail chains and establishment of the associated national and expansion into international trade.


KAIF is sold in 29 countries worldwide with continuous annual expansion.

Our team

KAIF employs young, smart, dynamic people who are committed to working together to develop sustainable relationships with our domestic and international clients and cooperation partners.

In doing so, we apply all individual focal points without losing sight of the cooperation within the team. Mutual support is a matter of course for us, so that our clients benefit from the concentrated team knowledge. In this way, we can always deal reliably and competently with a wide variety of enquiries, services and problems.

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